Bamboo Backpack

I don’t know about you – but I’m kinda picky about backpacks. I always try to find one that can fit as much stuff as possible in as tiny a space as possible. At the same time I want to be able to access every piece quite fast, without removing all the other stuff. For BDSM, and especially for bondage munches, I used to put my stuff in a normal suitcase. That way I could carry a lot, organise everything neatly and access every piece quickly.

The big problem was that I couldn‘t put all things in the case that I wanted to. There was no space for a blanket, bamboo cane or water bottle, so I had to carry them in an additional backpack. To simply use a backpack didn’t solve my problems either, as they all tend to have an accessibility problem.

So I set out to build a nice looking backpack with a bit of a bondage theme, which would be able to carry everything I need in an organised an easily accessible manner. And I was successful! Meet the Bondage Bamboo Backpack – It will turn your world upside down!